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I’m a UK based Director of Photography and a Cinematography graduate of the National Film and Television School, where I was mentored by legendary DP’s including Sean Bobbit, Brian Tufano and Billy Williams.  I soon began shooting TV docs, music videos and branded content throughout Europe before quickly establishing a confident foothold in drama.

I’ve lit in excess of 100 hours of prime time TV drama, often in the context of the industries most demanding budgets and schedules and I can make choices quickly and effectively while achieving cinematic lighting that serves the story. 

I’m skilled in film and digital formats and keep up-to-date with current trends, equipment and techniques. Solid technical craft is important but great cinematography has an emotionality that makes you feel something in much the same way as music does.  I’m inspired by the work of DP’s Luca Biggazi, Roger Deakins, Christopher Doyle, Robby Muller and Linus Sandgren along with stills photographers Gregory Crewsdon, Stephen Shore and Alex Webb.

I’m always on the lookout for interesting projects and new challenges and I’m represented by Intrinsic London. You can contact me  here